Nutrish Pasadena Humane Society Dog Day

Rachel Bilson attended Nutrish Pasadena Humane Society Dog Day on November 9, 2023.

New Layout | Broken Sunshine

New Layout | Broken Sunshine

Hi all! We have a new layout finally! Version Broken Sunshine – images from one of the recent magazine shoots of Rachel Bilson. Thanks to very talented GraphGalaxy for this gorgeous header and color codes. Also updated the gallery layout with the same so it’s consistent. Hope you all love the new layout and if so, hit the heart below!

And as always: Please let me know if you find any broken links etc.

xx Hannah

WhoWhatwear International Womens Day Party

Rachel Bilson attended the WhoWhatwear International Womens Day Party on March 15, 2023.


Rachel Bilson attended the SCAD TVfest on February 9, 2023.

Call Her Daddy Podcast

The pair reminisce on Rachel’s days starring in the hit show, The OC, and Rachel shares what it was like to date co-star Adam Brody. Let’s talk about sex. Alex and Rachel discuss bringing a toy into the bedroom for the first time and how to combat when sex begins to feel like a chore. Rachel addresses the infamous headline for the first time…that her breakup with actor Bill Hader was more difficult than childbirth. Reflecting on her dating history, Rachel details her journey from people pleasing to knowing her worth within a relationship.

Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson

On Broad Ideas, Rachel Bilson is joined by long-time best friend Olivia Allen to talk about sex, mental health, their belief (or lack of) in ghosts, and so much more. They’ll be joined by old friends, young friends, and some friends they haven’t met yet to have fun, casual conversations about the same kind of broad topics you’d find yourself discussing with your girlfriends.

Link to podcast

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