‘Take Two’ Press Week starts today!

Today the official ‘Take Two’ press week takes place. Stay tuned for a lot of new pictures & media!!! Update:

‘Take Two’ premieres June 21 on ABC

Welcome to Rachel Bilson Online!

Welcome to Rachel Bilson Online!

Hello everyone! This took long enough, and Rachel Bilson Online is finally… online!!! Welcome!!!

I used to run rachel-b.net/org back in the day (circa 2007/2008) and with all domain changes, I have finally decided to stick with rachelbilson.us. However, there might be some additional domains pointed to this site in the future. I cannot wait to start working on bringing back all content (and more) in the next couple of days.

For our launching design, I have chosen to work with the photoshoot from 2011 that Rachel Bilson did with Nylon Magazine. While this site is under construction, please visit the photo gallery! [ 45,000+ pictures ]

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